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Pickup and drop off is included with services at your home or at a central meeting area. Monday - Friday Only
No additional charge for this service

Single day - $20
5 day pass - $95
10 day pass - $180
20 day pass - $340
10% discount for 2+ dogs

Socializing Exercise
At Dogs Rule Doggie Daycare your dog will have the opportunity to
play and socialize with other dogs. As a result, your dog will be more comfortable around other dogs. Activity level at Dogs Rule Doggie
Daycare will also help eliminate “boredom behavior” such as chewing
and barking.

Single day - $25 ($23 Student Rate)
2+ dogs - $20 per dog

* All dogs must be either Spayed or Neutered
* All dogs must be up to date on their Rabies, Bordetella and
  Parvo/Distemper vaccines
* Boarding dogs should be picked up by noon to avoid a $10 late
  pick-up fee
* When boarding, your dog will play all day with other dogs and
  sleep in a crate at night.
* It is recommended that each guest bring their own food. Dogs Rule
  will have their own food on hand just in case.
* For added comfort for your dog, Dogs Rule also recommends that
  each guest bring a blanket or some item that reminds fido of home
  to make your dog's stay more comfortable. If that means
  bringing their own crate feel free.
* Please call or e-mail to make
  reservations for your dog!

Dog Sitting $20/visit
(Recommended minimum of 2 visits in a 24 hour period)
For those dogs who are more comfortable in their own home.
Dogs Rule offers dog sitting. Your dog will get to stay in its familiar environment, maintain its diet and exercise routine.

Pick up/ Drop off
For the pet owners who find themselves extremely busy and unable
to either pick up or drop off their dogs, Dogs Rule will be more than
happy to help. Within Gainesville city limits only please.

* Nail trim $5
* Ear cleaning $5
* Tooth brushing $5
* 10 min brushing $5
(mandatory if fleas are observed while dog is in attendance)
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